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Reviews for "NG Army: Recruitment"

Not bad

That was interesting. I can't wait to see the next episode of this. I think that I am going to make a character for myself, so that maybe I could be in on it. Hehe, very nice job.

paulz-69 responds:

Your artwork will be appreciated AA, stop by the thread every now and then, the guys miss you.

((( COOL )))

Hey that was awsome, it needs more of the members to be introduced aswell as abit longer, but i liked it, the music was awsome, great NG ARMY Movie...

MOVIE COMMENTARY: Simply the best of the rest..


paulz-69 responds:

Thanks ~X~, I have a few ideas as far as a preloader, that can (by using buttons) scroll to different pics of members characters with bios for each. It might be too much for a preloader, but it's an idea i had.


its was pretty kool u just need to practice your character design and a good story plot

paulz-69 responds:

thanks, it's just something i threw together. The characters will improve in shading eventually (when i have some free time)

Good work Paulz

just afew things..
the background music made it hard to hear
the voices.

can u send me everyones characters?
when you do I'll start a NGA flash of my own.
send them to cyberdog10@hotmail.com


paulz-69 responds:

No prob bud, i'm compiling all of them so far into one fla file. I'll send you what i've got asap.

Yeah i just found a tutorial of how to alter and tweek the audio so i'll be trying that out soon. Thanks

lol, good, I don't care if people hate pube muppet

if that club is anti-foamy sign me up.

paulz-69 responds:

We're not anti-anything per-say, we're just against bad flash and users who don't respect NG. Thanks for voting.