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Reviews for "NG Army: Recruitment"

Quite good.

I dont really see what the problem is that you say about. For your first piece of flash, this is far better than many others pieces or work out there. So far everything you have done seems to be great. And the voices are of superb quality. Good on 'ye, and i can't wait to see if the next part to this is as good.

paulz-69 responds:

Thanks, I guess it's true that the artist is his greatest critic. I'm judging myself against other peoples flash who've been doing this for a while. I know that i'll get better eventually and have a good laugh at this though. lol

Nice Nice,

Good job Pualz, i cant wait till the battle.

Command Sergeant Evil-Life NGA


paulz-69 responds:

Thanks E-L, if you want in the next one send me some artwork.

It's a shame that more people didn't help you out.

Well the movie was par overall, and is definitely good for a first submission. You did the voices alright but it was hard to hear. The art was good, Mozz was done well and so was that guitar guy, but the HQ and the outside looked a little rough. I would find some artists to help you out so you can import more GIFs onto the flash. Soldiers like AA seem to have exceptional artistic ability. The flash was good and definitely portal worthy and I appreciate all the work you put into it.

paulz-69 responds:

thanks Jacket. This was done more for the Army than me. The next flash will be a vast improvement to this.

awesome job paulz69

i thought the voices were funny too. again, awesome job.

paulz-69 responds:

ROFL, i tried to make diff voices but with my tonsils as swollen as they are I kinda made a Euro/Aussie/redneck kinda voice by default. It was funny.


this will defenitly bring some new recruits. im glad to have saved this movie, and the score is 2.55 last when i saved it so it will definenitly pass under judgement.

paulz-69 responds:

Thanks, that was the point of the flash.