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Reviews for "High Quality Murders"

i got it...

micheal myers vs. jason..its genius, and who better to animate it then livecorpse?

how should i word this

(sigh) here it goes. you have a sick mind, you have cool ideas,but you exeicute them poorly. The blood looked great, but the animation was not on par. the chainsaw was above the head, that would not do anything to anyone except maby get there hair stuck in the chain. also, not one man looked afrade of the killers, not very cool. you want to make morbid flash, good for you man, you go for it. But please, blood does not make a good movie. Good animation does.

Great Flash

The best of the best murders...that was a good idea. If I had the talent that you did with Flash, I would probably be making movies too. Jason is the shit, but I have always like Micheal Meyers better.

best of work my good man

youve realy improved on your flash animating, the chainsaw part kicked so much ass, shame u put jason in there instead of leatherface but WHO GIVES A SHIT it kicks ass


that was sum killer animation, heavy music for it, and a GREAT FLASH!!!

Livecorpse responds:

thx for the many reviews, my good man