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Reviews for "High Quality Murders"


listen kid...you've got issues. nice graphics...but for god's sake. get help.

Livecorpse responds:

thats cool ya liked the review
Kid? i'm 6 years older than you.. its too LATE for help!!!1

cmon, it couldve been better

you really shouldve put this up as a movie, and not a game...no real strategy to it. not to mention no victim really put up a fight or ran away. needs some work.

Livecorpse responds:

thx for the advice. its kinda a game cuz of the selections. well just apointless collection of bloody death

a look inside the mind of livecorpse

this look inside your mind is brought to us by WACKY PILLS takem and be wacky
this is awesome livecorpse awesome animation and detail and of course final fantasy soundtrack when you chainsawed the guy to death lol lol

ever gonna do a serious flash?
like a man who gets locked up in an insane asylum and hears all the people in there and lives thier nightmares
be as twisted as possible

when im finally done with my flash i bet you will be impressed since you were one of the first artist i first saw when i joined newgrounds
and thought ya awesome and still are getting better and better with each flash

this one was awesome as always and hope to see more of your excellent work

Livecorpse responds:

Thanks for the encouragement. Dark. I didn't know ya were practising with flash. Sounds like it should be pretty cool.
This flash was more for me than NG, but it seems to have went over well, though alot of the viewers are quite young and shouldnt be allowed near a computer.
Im not sure about a serious flash just yet. Ive only had flash for about 3 months and cant say ive practised enough to make something really involved. Due to my inherent darkness it wouldn't get appreciated any further than say Dark Rain 5. just makin flash to have fun, if i was all bout the score and stuff id do a foamy ripoff or some video game stuff like legendary frog. Maybe some day ill find something till then oh well doin "pointless" stuff/.
practice practice


Dum game... not original... used game name to draw attention... should be blammed..


Very Good job, only one suggestion, you should make it go back to the selection screen after each death.Nice job. .:8:.

Livecorpse responds:

thx for the adivce but its meant to view the deaths in aloop. even though the sound loops poorly