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Reviews for "High Quality Murders"

high quality?

Pretty funny but it's annoying most of these flashes are to do with death, it's a little morbid and get's reptetive after a while.
Anyway this was pretty funny especially the stick figures murder (all stick figures must die har har) but high quality murders? The graphics were badly MS painted and the screen was a little shaky.
Seemed more like low quality murders to me :s

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Pretty good!

heh, I liked the chainsaw one the best.
The best of the best murders...that was a good idea.
Great fun to watch them all.
Heh "Kill Again... you sedistic fuck".
That got a laugh out of me.

you sadistic fuck!

this was retarded! they werent high quality murders, this cartoon was high quality shit!

nice try, dont think this as rude, is wasnt meant to be... LOL

pretty cool

it's pretty cool, personal favorite is the chainsaw murder.

You will be missed

We will always miss you Adam AKA Livecorpse. R.I.P