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Reviews for "High Quality Murders"

Here we go again.

How long does it take you to make a movie? Seriously? You've sumbitted so many movies I've seen at least 3 a week on average. This movie, a good example of.. well.. trying too hard? These are basically clips from a few of your other flash movies (if they're suppose to be excuse my misunderstanding). The gore wasn't that good, but it suited. Oh yea.. the name of your movie? I didn't get that. Maybe you should have called it 'Many Gorey Deaths' or something.

You could use a little more gore with the killings

Now i'm a newbie to this site but i'll tell you that that was one of the better gorey flashes i've seen but it could have been made better by a.)someone tearing a persons heart out with their teeth b.)someone pinning them up on a cross with knives jesus style and then break out an AK-47 Russian Assault Rifle and shoot the cross until it bursts into flames c.)someone couls summon a demon to kill another and have it backfire on the summoner or d.)summone could beat another person down and then pull a knife and gut him like a fish then pull outa colt 45 ans blow him away then pull out an AK-47 and realy blow him away and then worst of all make hime watch brittney spears music videos until he bleeds to death <-----------------I like that one best LOL

Livecorpse responds:

Hey, thanks for the ideas, man. i like "a" alot that sounds cool. appreciate the feedback man, smell ya later


yup, im not a great artist in fact, I would like to know where the fuck to get flash animator but I have seen animation and toons like this. Its good to see an AK 47 in toons. But the thing that isn't average is how many movies you turn out. FUCKING TAPDANCING CHRIST THATS ALOT!!!

But anyway, try and think up some sick assed ideas of how to kill them, like a torture game, that would get some great views. And put in alot of effort making the look and animation. BOOM!!! Great flash. But could someone please tell me where to get flash animator?

Some ideas are listed below for torture:
*Driving nails into they're heads
*cutting off they're fingers
*throwing them in boiling acid baths (YAY)
*cutting off they're faces and making them eat it
*pouring lemon juice in they're wounds
*filling they're lungs with gas and then make them smoke a cigarret

Livecorpse responds:

Great idea for the game, been thinking of something like that. Actionscripting is really tough, ill need to learn alot for that kind of thing. Thos are great idea, and i appreciate the feedback.
You definately need to make flash, dude, you got a sick mind for it! To get flash go to Macromedia.com and download Flash MX you can use it for a month then you'll need to buy it or maybe get a student discount to get it cheap.
Well, ill see ya around bud

Nicely done.

Another quality bloodfest.

Keep this up and you're gonna vault over LF as my favorite NG artist.

Livecorpse responds:

Thx dude, im all about bloodfests. Okay, man i'll try to keep the quality up, but right now im just practising with flash. not good enough to dedicate a long time to one flash just yet.
later Muggz


it was okay, but you're still inexpirenced.

Livecorpse responds:

This is true, only had flash for 3 months