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Reviews for "--Super Kirby Compilation!--"


I love Kirby music. This sounds very pleasing to the ear. I wish Castle Lololo or Float Islands could've made an appearance though. Very good work.


This Song was Outstanding! My favorite sections were Butter Building and Vegetable Valley. Those two you got spot on. I also really liked the Mini Boss Battle, and Pop Star too. The Super Candy was too low pitched, but other than that great. The Grab Grab Battle was ok. The Level Complere was a perfect way to end it. Especially with that signature crash of yours. Overall this was a pretty much perfect Compilation! Awsome Job Ferrex!

Marth OUT!!

GAWD !!!

Incredible work man !!!!

It's just perfect ! Well done ! this is hard work indeed.

Congratulations on your achievement ! Keep it up ^^

thats pretty tight

i really like it a lot ^_^ makes me happy and think about all the times i use to play this game so much when i was a kid ^_^. also the songs were very well blended together sounded like a steady song. i think i might get this song its amazing

Kirby's #1!

The best ever I'm a Kirby Super fan!