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Reviews for "--Super Kirby Compilation!--"


I'm utterly speechless. This is hands-down amazing. ^^


great, ever since i was a little kid kirby was my fav. game and ur remixes here r some of teh best remixes ive heard
props man

Epic is over used...

I think instead I shall say that it is an outstanding masterpiece and is probably the greatest medley of a video game I'v ever heard!

You, my friend, are a God among humans.

This was absolutely amazing.

It helps to start from such a great foundation.

Here's a fun fact: I get goosebumps whenever I hear really good music.

Another fun fact: every time this song transitions, I looked around to see where the draft was coming from.

Given such a great foundation, you started at a high point. Then you went ahead and added quality synths, deep layering, non-overpowering bass, and (in short) pretty much everything that a compilation of this type needs. Considering this is the first time I've heard many of these tunes, I can't talk about how much you stray from the originals, but I wouldn't complain if you did: I'll have these stuck in my head for days.

I only give 10s to songs I can't find flaws with. Believe me, I tried.

Nice work. Looking forward to seeing more.