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Reviews for "--Super Kirby Compilation!--"

You, my friend, are a God among humans.

This was absolutely amazing.


this remix is incredible. well done!

kirby kicks ass

a great remix erich.


Beleive me, beleive me not, I've listened to this song on loop for 12 f-ing hours and 43 minutes. Yes, I drank a bit to help it, and yes, I had trouble correctly talking of doing stuff.

BUT MAN! I was delirious /o/
Your song made me enjoy an awesome load of time mate ;)

'Fave part is 2:38. Grab Grab Battle.

Man, you made me wish I still had Crystal Shards >.< Blast!

Thanks for the awesome work lad. Keep it up!

I love you for making this! <3

Ohhh, this makes me want to hack the music into one of the GBA Kirby games! Too bad I can't hack...but yay! I'll just enjoy listenig to this again....and again....and again...and again...*goes on for 10 minutes*