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Reviews for "--Super Kirby Compilation!--"


this was impressive...for lack of a better word.
how long did this take u?
keep it up.
u just made me wanna work harder on my stuff..bahaha
this is SOOOOO accurate.
i think i speak for most of us when i say we wanna hear more :P


Are f***ing amazing.


I love how easily Kirby music is to technodify. It all seems to fit together like a puzzle.

Mind if I ask you to make another Kirby Compilation? I would appreciate another. You do good work with Kirby music.

Epic Memories remix version 2.0

This brings bak memories when i used to play all the kirby games.....my favz are Kirby and the crystal shards, kirby squeak squad, and all the other kirby games!!!


This brings me back To when i was like 10