Reviews for "Kerri's Big Invention"

That Was Great!!!!

LOL that was so funny the third time watching it.I liked all the ff cutscenes especially the one with Sin,"Chocolate is the ultimate sin!"The music was really cool and the animation is so good.Im trying to learn animation like that in school..well anyway this and all the rest of your movies are awesome and i cant wait to see the Matrix one your working on. LaTeR

It even has a pause/play button!!!

Wooo, that was brilliant. Great animation (there's a working clock in the background!), sound is brilliant, doesn't even mess up when you pause it. Pause/play button is a great feature, means I can watch the movie whilst chatting to people on MSN Messenger. Classic Humour as well, brilliant overall!

Awsome Work!

Really funny and great graphics!
I wanna watch it again and again and again :)
Please continue the series
I noticed you changed the game that Senya was playing/watching and the fingertrap added lots of humor to the story.

That was one of the funniest things ever

that was good legendary frog. just one question. did you get the fantasy machine from futurama with their what-if machine


First wondeful job. Second good movie and third
it was nice.