Reviews for "Kerri's Big Invention"


This was AWESOME it was so subtily funny i think that legendary frog is a genius anyone who comes across this WAtCH IT im glad hamtaro died


That was the greatest movie ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aaaghhhh im having a seizure!!!!!!! stupid hamtaro those little guys are so annoying! and the peanut butter jelly guy! yeah! and is that the "silly hats only" sign off of rejected cartoons? this was amazing your my hero!

Did I say Bloodshed?

Oh man, this is the best movie submitted to date.

Great stuff - can't wait for your Matrix spoof!

Top work, as usual.

You never cease to astound me, LF. And Kerri is cute as ever! I also liked the new characters. Props to you!

P.S: I bumped up your interactivity score because of all the little easter eggs within the movie.

Legendary Frog....

It still amazes me how many of his submissions occupy spots in the top 50. Square-Enix rpg references abounds as usual, but not unfunny to say the least. The hole in the floor was great. Umm, not much else to say...

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