Reviews for "Kerri's Big Invention"


ok im sorry but i really dont think its cool to rely alot on other peoples material like pre existing cartoons and vidio games and stuff. use your own head. the movie was well done and the animation was pretty good. but the only funny part was when that stupid banna came on. nibs....

The humor...

That's 4th grade humor. It's absolutely not funny at all. It's like the new garfield strips humor. It's just lame.
I can't deny you have good motion tweening, but in my opinion that's not animation, that's lazyman tween. It looks kinda "fake". It's hard to describe. I say this because I am a serious and proffessional animator and I have studied the history of animation. Animation is an art that should be appreciated. You use it as a way just a way to visually express a series of bad gags.

I'm sorry, it's a shame...

and this is the most popular movie ever...

times i laughed = 0
times i smirked = 0
times i thought 'this cartoon has practically no redeeming qualities whatsoever' = 310

i do not understand how this movie is ranked #1. the jokes are weak and poorly executed. the animation is average. the drawings are average. it's actually a very dull cartoon.
i'm confused.


I'm a big LegendaryFrog fan, but being totally honest, I have to say I was dissapointed with this movie. The only part I laughed (a little) at was Ark's fantasy. It's a very well-made flash, but overall I wasn't entertained.

This movie and The Return of Ganondorf are the only 2 LF movies I didn't find entertaining, and they're the two most recent ones. I love all your other movies. Maybe time to hire some new writers, eh? ;)

Despite this, I still look forward to your next movie.


How did this manage to glean a more than a 2- rating? Its badly done in most of the ways flash movies are now condemned for: lifeless voice acting, bad choppy mics. unfrofessional tweens (I am not one of those people that think tweens are bad simply because they are tweens but that one section where kerrigan slow slid off screen was just unbareable). Why has this garnered so much respect? The bit with the finger trap was mildly amusing but you played it maybe 3x longer than it was at all warented. The jokes where so bland and drew so much attention to themselves I expected a laugh track. Poor show.