Reviews for "Strategy Guide Ep. 1"

that was cool

lol dude that was awsome especialy the way he said nokia and the cow thing that was just really good

i give it a c

it told you about the game but wasnt funny

good but seroiusly.....that pissed me off

WHY DID YOU PRONOUNCE IT THAT WAY?! you made it sound SO retarded.
ITS "grey-dee-iss" not "grad-ee-iss". GET IT RIGHT!! oh and Gradius III and V rule!!

captured a moment

way to embrace the frustration we all felt playing those classic shooters. i know quite a few people who could relate to this piece. thanks for the return of the memories.

not very good

okay SNOOGY is only going to say one thing. the show may have some potential but im not feeling it. the pilot should be the best so that it hooks you in, the only funny thing about it is the cow. so SNOOGY is giving this movie a rating of PC for POOR COW