Reviews for "Strategy Guide Ep. 1"


Ausome... I love nes games its good to see some flashes about them.

cant wait to see the next ones

video games!

funny. very funny. and it deals with my favorite of all actvities, video games! yeah, good time wasters those.

i can't help but think that there are some similarities between Guido and Zim (from the Invader Zim cartoon). maybe it's just me...


I remember this!
Over a year ago i stumbled onto this series and love it!
I e-mailed asking what song was playing in the beginning of the next few episodes.
You got me addicted to Rage! I bought their 20th anniversary CD, “From the Cradle to the Stage"
Great job, keep it up!

This is so great that I will punch anyone who hasn

I love this movie. Its so funny. One thing plagues me though. I need to know which song plays at the beginning.

Not that amusing, I thought.

Graphics and animation were fairly nice, but despite the idea having some potential, it just didn't amuse me.

Speech was hard to understand for me at the beginning and optional subtitles would have helped.

I'm not sure what this is meant to be: a trip down nostalgia lane; a point about the game or simply a bit of a joke... but it failed to make me laugh or even grin in any case.

The lip-synching was pretty decent though and I really liked his expressive eyes. Kind of reminds me of 'Zipperfish's stuff.

Maybe I'm the wrong audience as the idea doesn't appeal to me in and of itself.