Reviews for "Strategy Guide Ep. 1"

I know what you are talking about.

Yeah, Gradius to Me was just like that. I found it a complicated game that needed a lot of precision in order to win, or even shoot the other ships. This movie was so true about loosing in that game and restarting each level over and over again.
But, still, this movie has a lot of resemblance to some ironic and funny TV shows, like the way the main character explains some certain things and how some random events occur during the story. The graphics once again, were excellent, and I also found the story telling hilarious. This was a great critique of video games and the objective to find its strategies, and something tells me I'm going to start liking this series.

Maybe I'll revive some intrest.

Well it doesn't look like there been much interest in these for a while. SO I hope I bring in some unexpected viewers.
I have seen Invader Zim. There is a little resemblence, but not enough to say they look alike. Every thing was really good. I would have loved it had you made it possible to play the game he was reviewing. I thought you made it look great in this.


This is GREAT! you can't help but laugh at an alien that sucks at Gradius and can't even remember the Konami code...

This is great! stuff, nice graphics and a generally good idea.

The combination of classic gaming and comedy is always a winner!

Loved it!


Wow, I am the first to review this movie in a long time, oh well. Great series and keep up the good work.


I love this series you got going here. Hope you finish a fourth one sometime soon!