Reviews for "Strategy Guide Ep. 1"

I love it all!

I love this series and mainly Guido. I suggest doing a episode on "Ransom" for this.


Good jollie yeah PH33R you gonna like this itz nitendo revieuw's whit a fucking twist HAXORr

i wanna see...

sonic the hedgehog
GTA (its not a nitendo but i like it :)

Good graphics, but you really didn't do anything.

This movie didn't have anything good or interesting happen in it. Also, when cheat codes are used in games it makes the game boring. Using actual gaming skills is much more fun and challenging. Only pathetic people use cheats.

Pure class.

I simply cannot wait to viewq the other episodes in this series as this first one alone has already become an instant classic. The use of subtle and to a larger extent not so subtle humor is used to great effect and Guido is a simply unforgettable character. Nice job!

What a great idea for a series!

Superb flash. And i still remember the infamous konami code. those were the days. love the nostalgic feel, but it would've been better to have the actual game instead of your drawing (which was good though) but it's still good all the same!