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Reviews for "Arrogancy Game Demo"

good look and idea, bad system

I started playing this game and when nothing moves execpt your char the game looks pretty lame... and also how the hell can you throw a punch, I can throw some blows in the real world but in this game I had my ass handed to me because I couldn't throw one.

it was good

it was good but the guy runs slow.

It's a good game, but

There are so many bugs in it! And how do you even use items. I know it's just the demo but it seems really flawed.

It was good

It was good, not much else to say, but I did like it!, and to Joker27, you dont know much about somcputers do you? DSL is an internet connection, the reason it runs slow is because you have a Crap Comp, not a Crap Conenction (Dsl is a good connection though, it just means the game loads quicker)

eh it's ok

only good for like the first 5 minutes then it just gets boring. It's just that the game runs real slow and I got dsl!

arrogancy responds:

Upgrade to a T3 and the game might run faster for you then. After all, Internet connection speeds directly determine the speed of loaded Flash games :)