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Reviews for "Arrogancy Game Demo"


I liked it, for'a demo.
Funny, well done, old game characters wandering the streets.

Good schuff.


Nice work. Keep it up, I want to see the full version. (And I usually hate demos)

The real things going 2 be AWESOME!

I kept playing the demo over and over,I can imagine what the real game will be like if the demo is addicting!Great job,keep up the great work!


good game but really hard.

arrogancy responds:

You can always use the FAQ to get you through it. If you want to play something somewhat similar but dumbed down and easier, play Frank's Adventure - it's like a "lite" version of this with naked women and profanity.

It shows effort.

This is an interesting game, one that I've not seen too many duplicates of. Some parts are slightly misleading. Such as the swinging outside of fighting sequences (I will not lie. I tried to beat up Ness). Overall it's a good game. It shows much more effort than many games I see on newgrounds. I am a newbie flash probrammer and I know how difficult it can be.

Some of the people who make the reviews don't really seem to notice the small details. They click on it thinking "Oh, dating sim! There's hentai and I can get my rocks off!" instead of hoping for interactivity and humor. Inbreeding, dude, Inbreeding.

I can see that you're devoted to this game and it shows. The website is great and I hope you make more.

arrogancy responds:

You're one of the relatively few people that "gets" it, and I can see why - you know who Ness is. Most of the kids here are basically lost, but the fact that every once in a while, someone with some depth shows up and it makes everything worthwhile.