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Reviews for "Arrogancy Game Demo"


Originalindigo couldnt said it better my self. Dude you suck at rpgs just give up now before you make more of an ass out of ya self. Eeven your interactive parts sucked. Your sound hell could bearly hear it , had to turn up my speaks and they up loud enough to hear every thing else heres a hint get off the wavs.

arrogancy responds:

The question is, does my game design suck as much as your reviewing skill? Given your spelling, grammar, and complete ignorance of the workings of the English language - it could be a close race!


I think it is a good concept, just make it move a little bit faster especially the text when you are flirting.

Very nice

It's agreat idea for a game, but the game play is kinda confuseing. when you click and drag the items, then what do you do with them? How do you know if the girls are really fallin for you? Keep workin on the full game, I'm sure it'll be kick ass.

arrogancy responds:

Read the FAQ.

sorry...imusing a plentium 4pc which is quite fast

but the gameplay is still so slow... and no music until i turned on my speaker to the max then i hear some music...the fighting game is foolish especially that dude who gave u 60bucks man it sucks

arrogancy responds:

The fact that you don't know who "that dude" is tells me all I need to know about you.

Who made this guy think he was good?

I honestly don't know why i played this game, the entire arrogancy series is garabage and i should have figured this would be too. This has to be one of the worst RPGs on newgrounds.com with the expection of very few. I guess most people are fool by its decent drawings, but aside from those, what does this offer? The gameplay is horrible, the sound is ridiculously quiet (although this music i do prefer quiet becuase it sucks), it runs slow, the animation sucks, and also, it offers absolutley no humor or any other redeeming quality.

You obviously think you're good at what you do, because of all your arrogant comments and writings on your webpage, but i don't know why you have the impression of yourself. Somone must have really lied to you in your past. I suggest you thrash your whole "RPG/Action/Dating Sim/Shooting/Strategy game" before you waste yours and all your viewers time. Better yet, trash yourself as a flash animator all together.

arrogancy responds:

Getting a negative review from the guy that gave the Fish game a "0" is all I need to know to see that this game is going in the right direction for people who know anything about gaming. Thanks!