Reviews for "Found Lost"


Ok. now that i cleaned the shit out of my boxers i can write a review. Damn good work man! this is really original and different from those other "scary stories". keep making stuff like this man!


Oh man....I was scared beyond belief...This is definetly worth a 10!!! please more more more!!!!!!!!

.Fuck me...

Scary as hell... the painting bit fucked me up alot... I could'n;y play it without nice music in the background :) But it was very good... PLEASE NO MORE

Psychological Horror at its finest

To the maker of this game: Fantastic work! You have captured something in horror that plays upon the mind of the player and scares him without actually having to resort to the blood and gore of the more obvious horror. You play upon the mind with sounds and light and shadow.. Brilliant!


best dam haunted game ever! the picure of the dead red person in the mior was a litle creepy but not much