Reviews for "Found Lost"


I never thought a flash game could scare me. But this one made me hold my breath. A little too hard though


dat was sum str8 ass shitt bt i din rilly get the crazy hand shit o0owell lol str8 ass shit man

Phuc you!,now im scared for life!:P

Lol,it was creepy,nice atmosphere,i wanna see more!,lol but ims still scared!especailly when the "imaginary" hands attacked!

.... Whoah

Amazing, exo-fuckin-actactularistic! THe posibly scariest things ever to meet NG and Flash alike. Few questions though, please please answer them.

One: Basic one. In the bathroom, with the "its on the bottom of the toilet" thing what is that?

Second: Where did you get those two pitures from?

Thrird: How could you make that so freaking scary O.o

Good work
-Phoenix 902

i played the tape backwards

it said somthing about spirits and souls and somthing else in strange fucked up voice to do this i used my microphone and recorded the tape and went to windows sound recoder and played it back words