Reviews for "Last Combat"

love the figures

as well as your take on such a classic piece. wonderful ideas, you have.

i think my favourite parts are the colouring, and the shapes of their faces. i would say more, but i would just be repeating what others said. mostly "reverend" below me.

wonderful piece, hope to see more.


I really love this piece and it's a nice take on Vinci's Last Supper. I love the fact that it had most of the Madness characters there without underling the main focus of Jesus. I haven't compared but it seems that you have most of the characters doing the same actions as the real version especially the clown with his pointing, the gestures of the guys on the right, and most importantly of Jesus.

Very clever and overall a great piece. Keep up the good work!

Izzy-A responds:

glad you noticed the details. I tried my best to incorporate similar gestures as the painting, but I didn't want to just copy them directly.

Love it!

...call me sometime?




lol oh wow this is great