Reviews for "Last Combat"

the last supper

just got a whole lot bloodier and epic.

It's nice

but I saw problems that made it look a bit weird...
1. Auditors head is too little
2.Deimos is not there
3.Sanford doesn't where a black shirt(correct me if I'm wrong)
4.Jebus Doesn't have Halo and his suit is Not white
5. Zombies Doesn't wear shirt(correct me if I'm wrong)
Otherwise good work of MAD ART

Izzy-A responds:

1, It is? He is actually furthest away from the table so making his head bigger would look even more weird. The reason I did that was because I considered him to be the one who runs things in Madness.
2. Had a couple of comments about that. Guess I could have added him instead of the grunt, but I really wanted the grunt in there somewhere and that was the only place I thought of adding him. Couldn't move him to the right because that would throw off all the groups of 3's in the scene.
3. It was originally gray, but I made the edges dark so now his shirt looks black.
4. Doesn't have a halo in the series or in this scene? The halo is the white ring around his head. In renaissance paintings, jesus usually has a round gold circle behind his head (actually a cross nimbus). As for the suit, I probably should have eased off on the shadowing. Giving him a whiter appearance would have worked better for the composition
5. I was mainly drawing everything from references I found online, and those zombies had shirts on.

Thanks for the critique

Very good work

Deserves a 5/5, doesn't it?

I like it!

Madness kind of had ran it's course with me but this is a great piece of art. I gotta say I love how the clown has his stop sign lol!


This is my favourite madness art contest entry so far.