Reviews for "Last Combat"

extremely good but one thing is missing

very good i really like everything about this but you didnt put deimos in i see sanford so im a little confused as to why deimos isnt in it

Jebus, Tricky, and Hank?

THEY NEVER WORK IN HARMONY! lol great work love the detail

"jebus y los doce apostoles-zombis"

sipi but is good with them if peace reigns in Nevada



well i think it's cool but...

just some things:
1.in the real photo of Jesus and the others they eat bred and drink vine but this one got weapons and bullets...it's weird to eat those
2.if you get the giant costumet and whit the red glasses this should complet and you was can put him on the back like destroy the city
3 and the final. you miss the gold circle.
just some dismiss but all it's great good work 5/5 nothing say more......pretty head mister new jesus :)

Izzy-A responds:

1. Doesn't say anything about eating in the title does it?
2. not sure what you're asking there...
3. the gold circle is the halo which was replaced with the white glow to keep the color palate the same. Would be weird if there was gold in there.