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Brilliant and creativy!

This art is BRILLIANT and REALLY, REALLY, CREATIVY. I would never think about in do an art like this and giving it name from "Last Combat", as parody from the art piece "The Last Supper" from Leonardo da Vinci. This is incredibly AWESOME!!

The coloring that you made is perfect, every glow, brush, and light was everything rightp placed, attached, drawn, etc... I also liked the shadow circle shape that you did as a camera zoom to the Madness characters.

All the characters were awesome designed, they look really plastic, this means that they are looking-tridimensional, so it is realistic, you did a really nice job in this art piece and it is not coinscidence this be frontpaged.

The background from like a scarlet or red circle funnel was really well coloured and the position of the characters was really good and giving representation from a really good art picture.

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-Nice little mashup of very popular works. Since both madness and da Vinci's work are insanely well recieved by the public it is only rightly deserved that the joining of these would result in such. Being frontpaged and almost 10,000 views in less than four days is definitely a start I suppose.

-You covered the overall theme very nicely. Bringing in a dark atmospheric presence with the background. So much attention to detail with the many cracks in the walls and the deep red sky. Great job with the positioning of the characters and who you placed in each respective position. Including all of the main characters and even some of the lower ranking individuals.

-Well I still have yet to see any sort of food in madness so it was a good choice to have weapons and shells since they are much more prominent in the series. I think you did an excellent job of bringing the best of both worlds out in this art piece.

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Makes me want to pray....in jebus name

Epic Art!

This picture is awesome! and it reminds me of "the last supper" but with madness

very nice

love the artwork yo