Reviews for "Aura: story mode"


Only trouble was that I had trouble following parts near the start. Other than that, well drawn, well animated, well done.


pretty good plot, but its confusing and kind of run on.

Not my favourite sort of movie

Very good technically, but this isn't the sort of movie that makes me think "this is brilliant". It was good and had a decent plot, but apart from the violent elements it all seemed a bit dull and disjointed. Maybe I had to see the first Aura to understand it more, but I don't think that would have helped a great deal. Others will love this (clearly), but as you say it's not meant to be liked by everyone.

Dah bomb,these are jus' so good.

Sure I like your movies.
But you have forgotten something...
...and even I don't know why,and I dont care!

But LoTR-soundtrack?!?!?


Tio, eres un genio. He visto tus 3 obras y son fabulosas (Smile! me ha encantado).
Sobre Aura, espero que llegue pronto mas. Soy adicto al estilo cyberpunk y Aura tiene mucho de eso.

Un saludo.

Lepaca Kliffoth