Reviews for "Aura: story mode"


I loved every minute of it. I hope that everyone can tell how much time an effort was put into this, because I sure can. Don't stop what you are doing, because you are definatly gifted.

Oh, and might I add that the musical score was superb, I ENJOYED EVERYTHING! Keep it up, waiting on the third installment. . .

That was interesting

Never seen an animation quite like that before, it was kinda cool.

Now THAT was a rush

Wow...and I mean WOW!! This is one of the most powerful things I have seen on NG in a very long time...not much character dialogue, but none was needed. The noir aspect of it adds to the story, and the raw power this exudes..

Make more stuff like this, and you will go very far indeed.

Like a David Lynch movie...

Awesome work here. That must have taken forever to make. Great direction and originality. No major flaws I can see.

Sarkazm responds:

is this really as disturbing as a David Lynch movie?
my god....

Very well put-together

The movie was extremely well done. The imagery and sound coupled for a very powerful effect. You really have an amazing talent for directing - you should consider a career in films.

the only problem was the heavy metal music you put in the action scene - it didn't go with the rest of the film