Reviews for "num1000 512kb cache mix"

the incarnite of the perfect flash

carzy and fast and funnny


ahahah dude! that was hilarious!

Thats what would happen if hello kitty was on cr**k!

Nice Job. Excellent timing with the graphix!


feels like im playing ddr with my eyes good job!


I didn't get the storyline much, but this rocked. It was weird, and good.

The animation fitted perfectly in sync and it was so random, to me. Probably not too you though.

I liked the japanese style, and animations with that style of cat are really fun to watch. I could watch this again and again, I love it.

Good job.

I remember...

The first time I saw this was on 4chan.
The 2chan Flash crew can do some really great stuff on occassion, and it's good to see. I'm glad these image post communities are getting more exposure. Which reminds me, 4chan needs help...they need donations or they may soon go under.