Reviews for "num1000 512kb cache mix"


JUST...PURE...OWNAGE... i goin to watch it again.


Domo arigato gozaimashita! Watashi wa eiga ga daisuki desu ne!

(Thank you! I love this movie!)


Wow! Just wow! I wish I could vote a 15 for this or something! That was just awesome! I've watched it so many times and everyone I've shown it too has loved it also.

The cats and everything are so cute and everything is in such perfect harmony with the music! Speaking of which, than music is AWESOME! I cranked up the volume and was totally taken away!

I don't know how or where you got that song, but now I want it! I looked for it, but didn't find it! Too bad.

I hardly ever give tens, but this one gets a 10 on everything! Well, almost everything. The violence and interactivity is self explanitory. I'd only give you a 10 on humor if I was on the floor laughing. I was too busy rocking out to do that! Still, it was very clever. I still have no idea how you came up with the rice roll cat idea!

I'd love too see more of your work!


Awesome music, awesome flash, how much better can it get!


but you realy need a warning about how loud it is