Reviews for "num1000 512kb cache mix"


This is simply pure Japanese happy hardcore shit! I loved it!
If you're looking for a mental, crazy flash that's barking up the wrong tree at an intensly fast speed, you've come to the right place here.
This is great stuff.
An incredible piece of happy hardcore style dance music provides the backdrop for some crazy graphical effects which make no sense whatsoever, but that makes it even cooler.
Like a music video on acid, this makes my favourites for its pure Japanese insanity!

nicely done i say !!!

nice movie A+

I don't understand.

This is truly a quality flash. How the HELL do you manage to do that with Macromedia? I mean, wow.


No sounds, but it doesn't need it.

Even though the beat wasn't very fast, this got me groovin, I personally adore hardcore music, I'm a hardcore addict short of speak so this definetely diserves my 5.

Too bad, though, it seems you don't do any of these anymore.

great man

hey man fuck those little nerds with their panties all twisted up man. That shit was physicedelic. but of course i was high on shrooms at the time :)