Reviews for "Megaman vs Metroid"

Absolutely brilliant.

I have been a huge Megaman fan from when I was a young lad. Megaman 3 was the first game I have played back on my stepbrother's NES and the one game which cemented my love for videogaming.

This game is a true godsend. Everything about it oozes perfection, from the enemy A.I. to the controls. It's also quite challenging (which you don't see very often in many action-oriented videogames anymore) but at the same time it's fair. I also love how you can use the weapon you acquire form defeating the boss in this game in the other game you've made.

Cheers to you, good sir!

Bad game

This game is just plain bad. It takes too long to beat the first boss that is always on your ass and will never stop moving long enough to hit. Enemies in pipes spawn way too quickly. Not only that but the health power up takes way too long to gain. Its not not well planed out on difficulty. Only attempt it if you are a god at Megaman rom hacks.


LOL the animation in the preloader was funny. I almost ROFL'D. And it's CHALLENGING!

This is one of the coolest things EVAR!!1!

The remixed samus music was super epic, The gameplay was slick and original AND it combines two of my favorite games!! >FT< The coolness is infinite! Just one thing, I think megaman should have been stronger at the start.


This game rockmans outta-this-game-world style! You could put in an unlockable likez bass or duo! or maybe right after samus, maybe you could make a giant metroid or something! hey, why aren't there any metroids in this game? that would make the game even more fun! only charged, missles, or the lance shot can kill it, well not instsant kill, but here wuz my idea: 3 charged blasts, 5 missles, or 10 lance blasts, well, i hope you add more updates!