Reviews for "Megaman vs Metroid"

I a big Megaman and Metroid Fan And I like this game


u need to make the new megaman games for capcom becuz capcom sux now seriously they can make sum badass megaman games that are fun and not like a fucking rerun but still i luved ur megaman games so far i beaten this one and the ghost and goblins if theirs any megaman vs games u made out their i would aoerate it if u can tell me so still badass game

Everything about this game is amazing. It has the look and the feel of Megaman. Perfect. 5 stars sir. Also thoroughly enjoyed Megaman vs Ghost-n-Goblins as well. Very much so. Well done. Please make more. ^__^ . Good day.

Game is good,the controls are kinda hard and doesn't function well 4.5/5 stars