Reviews for "Megaman vs Metroid"

This game is epic,I wish you could use S.Missile in THIS game too..instead of MEgaman vs Ghouls & Ghosts....

Staticcreator you'r sooooooooo awesommmmme!!!!! SO IS THIS GAME!!!!!

this games is really awesome,i might say hard work has been done in it,i give you a total 10 because you're game has everything related to mega man(except metriods the boss ,but that dosent count)keep up the good work

Dude this game is amazing, I can't find any flaws, you need to do more than just Ghostsandgoblins and Metroid.

I know I am just clicking like crazy, but I am gona add this to my site so that I can enjoy playing this game every day, once again thanks man for the upload of this video game.