Reviews for "[StarFox Titania Remix] -Zero-"

now that's a Remix!

you my frnd are the king of StarFox Remakes! are u gona realese a CD with all the song from SF and sell it I would buy it xD

Piece of nostalgia. :)

I remember this level quite well, and enjoyed hearing it in your method. :) I liked the boss theme too, but that was too short for my tastes, which is kind of disappointing since it sounded so powerful. I won't let that prevent me from giving you a 10 though. ^.^

oh sweet!

Thats awesome dude.
"good luck"

I´m not much for reviews but...

I remember the old song from the SNES as if i played it yesterday, the original song is slow and lazy, this revamped version is freaking awesome. Really good job mister! One of the few times I actually moved my finger away from the mouse to listen.


%u266A Pure win in a box. Luffing this is a near-must.
I wouldn't be able to improve this myself.
5 and 10, j0.