Reviews for "[StarFox Titania Remix] -Zero-"

I have to say, you've really outdone yourself with this one! I do like how you added the "voiceclips" from the SNES version and used them as a way to immerse the listener into the piece as if it was the game playing. There are many remixes I've heard do that before, but I like it a lot here! Nice work!

Some mind flow stuff right there!

Awsome! I find myself listening to this song quite a bit. Loving this song to death!


THis was really cool. It's been several years since I last played that game. So much nostalgia. Hey, maybe you could make a remix of Fortuna next?

Is the part of the landmaster!!!

First Shoot!!! Later plasma bombs!!! And finally the boss...that plant whit a dog form...


Typical NG epicness, no more to say!