Reviews for "[StarFox Titania Remix] -Zero-"

Worth Listening

You got me hooked with the opening, and then after that it was electrifying.

Where the crap is my SNES

I'm gonna have to find an emulator now just because of this song. There was something special about the original star fox music and you captured it in this track. Great Job

X-Infinity-Zero responds:

Wow Thanx! Glad you enjoyed it.


SNES Pwnage

Seriously, I had to join NG just to write a review on this. It's that damn good. This is one of the most amazing remixes I have ever heard anyone do.

Mad respect man. I really really like that "twinkling" star effect that comes in, swoops and then diminishes.

Very very cool.

Starfox rocks

I like the song because I liked the planet's song XD


another great one keep it up man