Reviews for "[StarFox Titania Remix] -Zero-"


Another Star Fox remix worthy of my iPod!
Keep it up!! :)
P.s Could I make a Star Fox request?

haha another good one!

some more pretty good stuff here! loving this track also! Deffenatly keep on these man! Great work!


X-Infinity-Zero responds:

Thanx man. maybe i should stay only on starfox lol.


very very nice

good job on it
may i use it on my new star fox flash??
its an awsome song man

X-Infinity-Zero responds:

no problem man go right ahead. thats what its here for.

thanx for listening.


Titainia is my favorite Planet in the SNES StarFox

This is my one of my favorite planets on the orginal StarFox!

Very nice mix and kewl beat!

Love your work!

X-Infinity-Zero responds:




really good...but what level was titania again?
ive got 3 in my head:the desert planet,the snow planet,and the sea base
rrr im cofused if only i still had Assault

X-Infinity-Zero responds:

this is not from assault this is from the super nintendo game. i think it was the level before you get to venom if u take the center path. well thats if uv played the game lol.

thanx for the review.

glad you liked it.