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Reviews for "Sonic v.s Knuckles"

Excellent work!

This movie is definatly one for the history books. Quality was a bit lacking, but since you used Swish over Flash, I can let that go. The drawings were used at the right times to expand on the action, which can be very tricky with sprite movies. My favorite ending was the DBZ rip-off, which is only typical for a fan like me. The music was great and matched the situation perfectly each time. Nice to know that none of the endings had the author jumping in and getting mad, blowing everyone up. Particularly considering how much it (or something similar) is overused in many versus movies. This movie even had a mini-plot to it, which is more then what most other versus movies out there have. However, to this day I wonder whether classic Sonic and Knuckles killing themselves is considred suicide or not. Either way, I can easily tell how hard you tried for this movie, and that REALLY makes a difference in the end. This is definetly a favorite of mine and deserves to be in the "Sonic Parodies" seciton!

Chakra-X responds:

Since you took thee time to write a long review i will take some time to respond. The drawings are a bit crude (thats wat happens when yo use paiint) and If I were to kill sonic and Knuckles, it would look cliche'. Yes it would look good in the Sonic parodys section...I hope a Newgrounds Staff is reading this.


i like watching this! was that music in knux's ending off of a spyro game? and one more thing sonic turning into super sonic is not a dbz rip off (i bet you already knew that) i voted this submission a 5/5

ok this is the real sonic vs knuckles

that other one sucked anyways heres ur prize a 10 outta 10 and i voted 5 outta 5 i raised ur score to a 3.82 lol so anyways enjoy and good work peace

Chakra-X responds:

"Real sonic v.s knuckles?" whats the one that sucked? oh and thanks for votin high! Im tryin to get this into the sonic parodies section

Oh yeah!

This was friggen awesome! The ???? ending was the best!

Chakra-X responds:

ha I wonder y so many people like that endind...


man u r the best i wish i could make something that good but mine will get booted off (if i had any)