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Reviews for "Sonic v.s Knuckles"


that was fantastic.so much to it.the whole flash contained so much style and thought it was unbelieveble.the graphics using a mix of cartoon imaginary and sprite was a nice touch to what would of been a very normal and lame flash.adding the beautiful sound effects and sonic and knuckles voices was great.you could try making it fully on there voices.the music was ace but it was made by the great Paragon x9 and you chose it well.violence and humour was top class,most of the humour was through the extras and the violence was everywhere.bet you havent heard this much praise ever.this was a well put together flash worthy of top 50 of all time.SCORE 5 OUT OF 5

Really good!

Sooo many sonic videos...but, I liked this one the most. I can tell you have potential. Keep up the good work!


Man... I thought I would EVER put another flash movie in my favorites.... I thought it would suck just because the pre loader was messed up. I was dead wrong.


The movie wouldn't load.