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Reviews for "Thrasher"

Toki is that you??

dude i swearto god that you are a one man Dethklok

CoOl! LEt's do it.

Come on this is so awesome, Let's rock, Huuuayyy, i'm havin' rage of fury,, GGGUAAH. pretty cool, I love songs like this one. This is another world to relax in.

You can even cry of the beautifulness of this song. DUDE. So amazing a'll give you a 100 for tthis.

Metaljonus responds:

Thanks for listening man!


this was beast man i loved it...i cant explain how awesome this is


I'm sort of drunk right now... anyway
everytime i hear your stuff, i feel like i should immediately stop making music, to make space for your awesomeness.


that is some good stuff