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Reviews for "Thrasher"


Hopefully finishing those songs that you never finished? Haha, jk. Take your time.

This song is AMAZING. I love it. Very oldschool-videogame-esque. Sounds awesome, and keep up the great work!


thats i have to say is respect man

Sick man!

F***ing awsome.

love the beat and the guitar.

Metaljonus responds:


Whoa, nice!

I was just searching for some random ambient songs and suddenly BOOM I'm blasted away by awesome metal.
Audio Quality: 10! Perfect.
Melody: 10.
Skill: 10.
Awesomeness: 10! :D
Overall: 10.
Rating: 10/10!
Score: 5/5!

Again, awesome song.

Maybe change the name

Not exactly a thrasher but awesome

Metaljonus responds:

You should change your name....