Reviews for "Thrasher"

Oh wows

Straight to the mp3 player. My only beef with it is that it seems that there is too much going on there at one time. Other then that wonderful

And. how many guitars do you have going on there?


Great track, it has a kind of video game sound to it if you ask me. Great leads and riffs. Good work

that gave me a boost of a lifetime!

after hearing this it actually made me 5 star TTFAF on gh3 on expert! ty ty ty XD i needed that boost and continue with the great work!


A masterpiece

This song is addictive and I can't get enough of it!

thrasher! is coming...

ok 10/10

my dad and i jam out to this, u give my whole famikly something to agree on!

FAVORITE artist of newgrounds for as long as it shall be ;P keep it up