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Reviews for "Thrasher"

Why hello there!

Haha, bout time. This was pretty awesome man. Thanks for the upload! I still gotta get you to SHRED apart one of my tunes, but I've been so blocked as fuck lately.

I love the drudgyness, and the double speed...changes were awesome as fuck. Everything was pretty was fucking cool. Makes me want to never upload another thing, until I learn some new scales, practice sweeping, and overall practice for like 10 years.

Anyways, you PWN!, YOu always will. 5

Current Score

4.92 / 5.00 (+ 0.0093)


I just flew from my chair !
I love this orgel sound and the scale tones
the guitar riffs are amazing


hell yeeesss that is a cd all buy it self!!!!!

New Fav.

you just made meh new fav. song man

The first song i heard from you.

excellent. it sounds like an ending to an excellent sonic game. a game done right...but that hasn't happened since S3&K and the adventure series. good sond.