Reviews for "-8bit jingle twist-"

to addicting >:(

I love 8-bit music, and I like jingle bells. Can't stop listening >_<

8-bit! WOOOO!

Christ...i remember when 8-bit was the cream of the crop.

Make more Water.

awesomest song ever

way better than my sogn - which involved a lot more dedication to MAKE from scratch - but still sadly ended up sucking.. replicating live performances just isnt worth it :P

I love the energy in this - this has got my protection ;)


8-bit jinglebells! w00t!

I'd vote higher than this if I could! This is an unexpected song. I sal00t to you because this is soT1GHT! ALSO if you listen closely, you won't hear that split-second pause that you hear in most loops.

Entertaining in beauty.

You cant help but smile. Thats all that needs to be said.