Reviews for "-8bit jingle twist-"


so cool... that sound, which begins at 0:46 makes me remind "kirby's dream land"...
good ol'days =D

Waterflame responds:

ah :D i love kirby! completed all the games, in order T-T lol.. thanks! :D

My misspent winterbreaks all in one song!

It reminds me of my misspent days of my youth playing games on my friends' Gameboys and N.E.S. consoles (as well as shareware titles on Macintosh System 7). It would certainly make an awesome soundtrack for a winter themed game (say a Moonpatrol clone with a sledder or cross-country skiier).


That has to be one of the best Jingle bells versions i've heard! Good work!

Waterflame responds:

W00t :D thanks!


now this is bitchen! this the coolest version of jingle bells i've ever heard! it just wants to make you bounce around and shit.

this is awesome great job!!

Waterflame responds:

XD thank you! :D i figured it might have been a TOO classic song, but that also made it more of a challenge so i figured what the hell X3


This is one of the most kickass reditions of that dull boring christmas song. Bonus points for breathing life into a once dead song.

Waterflame responds:

haha, thank you! :D