Reviews for "-8bit jingle twist-"

A great song and loop

Unexpecdingly for me, his song actually makes a great loop if you listen to it, over, and over, and over again. It just doesn't get old. I'm beyond words for how great this is.

Waterflame responds:

lol thank you! :D awesome

Jingle bells!!!!


Waterflame responds:

D: yaiii !


respect (clicks it =p)

Waterflame responds:

w00 :D

Ugh, I should really not be listneing to this...

It's past christmas! Every time I hear this song though I think, it'll be just round the corner, and then i look at the calender and it says January and i'm all, like, NO! IT CAN'T BE! ME WANT CHRISTMAS!..... Yes this song is very good indeed, absoltively mind blowing and one of the best 8-bit pieces out on newgrounds!

Hammerypart says: WANT.PRESENTS.NOW! Ironically i'm reading a christmas storyline on a comic right now. Cya 'round!

Waterflame responds:

thanks alot! :D lol, your xmas wassnt satisfying enugh huh? :P Its sad.. even tho i made this and all, last year, i never got the xmas feel. at all :S and its always been there. meh. i guess im like..too grown up or, whatever. T_T sucks none the less! again, thanks for the review :D glad it makes you think things like that since, thats what it was made for mainly ;)


Beautiful. Simple as that.

Waterflame responds:

thanks! :D