Reviews for "-8bit jingle twist-"

im not going to download this...

im not like, religiously hating, but i hate christmas music. it does not deserve to be graced by 8bit goodness.....

Waterflame responds:

Haha, no offence taken what so ever. im not bound by any religion ;) i personally love xmas-feeling music. but not the songs themselves that much..i dont know how i can explain this. take for instance, The music from the snow maps in Diddykong racing XD thats xmas-ish without having too much to do with xmas. the classic songs however, issnt on my fav list either to put it like that :P

but in my opinion, everything deservest the CHIP RAY! lol my chiptune folder is like 4000 songs big. i love em, no matter <3 yes even that anoying sweedish melody grand prix song!


Dude, I haven't tried to make a full 8-bit song yet, and only incorporating bits of 8-bit into songs, but this was like, truely amazing! I want this for a mario hack for an nes thing I'm making. Would you mind if I used?

Waterflame responds:

sure thing, just remember to credit me and if its ok, show me the finished product ^^ thanks!


ive never liked 8bit songs but this one was reeeaaally good (for an 8bit song).
especially at :44 through 1:19.

keep-- um... jinglin...lol

Waterflame responds:

lol, thanks man :D

wow, this is so cool!

Waterflame, you are the true king of the audio portal. What gives you that title is your diversity, you can work with any genre! i love your music, especially your 8bit, keep making music, man!

Waterflame responds:

that means Alot! :D i love hearing you say that also because ive been thinking about it myself. it really is my exprimental nature that brings me to where i am. and i guess that some day ill find my ultimate style. wich will probabbly be soemthing like..chip..dnb-classical-breakbeat? lol. o.O thanks! and more 8 bit to come in a month or so! :D

This certainly deserves to win.

I just love your style and this 8 bit christmas song is no exception. The 8 bit instruments sound perfect together with christmas music and everything flows smoothly. The solo is really cool too. Good luck in the contest!!!

Waterflame responds:

Than you so much :D and heh, i got 2nd ^^ weee!