Reviews for "Gerudo Valley- Final - Round 2"

WHY!!! >:(

why cant some one just make the original be extended it sounded perfect the original way :(

ShadowMan-Kage responds:

What if everyone in the world made the Gerudo Valley song exactly like it is in the game....Everyone's music would sound kinda the same....Thatss kind of bland, in my opinion...We like to remix songs to give it our feel, this is how we feel when we hear the song....

"Its the way of the artist"

Oh, and thanks for the review :)


Ohhh wow!

I love you.

ShadowMan-Kage responds:

Ummm...Sorry I'm taken.

hehe [just kidding around]


~ShadowMan-Kage & Katsume-Saito 4 eva~


just bitchin' really cool!


it goes very nice from 1:25 :D

I just shit myself.

Great remake for a great song. 'Nuff said.