Reviews for "Gerudo Valley- Final - Round 2"

Almost Dissapointing

I was about to back out from this page halfway through the song, and then it just really came alive for me with the more techno-ish melody. Cool, but I only really liked half of it - the rough guitar in the first half just didn't flow well, and it would have been nice to see the guitar and the techno working together.

Nice nice and oh yeah.. nice

anthor Loz song twisted spined and redone only this time it came out real good anyways bleh its awesome just leave it like that


Wow... Just wow!


8D The Best Gerudo Valley Remix i've heard

ShadowMan-Kage responds:

Thanks :P



wow so intense...... so crazy..... so different..... such a different angle than usual...

hmmm i really want to give you a 10 but that would just b me liking the song and not judging it.

Im 100% sure this song would be about perfect if you incoorperated some dynamic changes such as softening the volume the re raising it to make that burst of intensity. Dynamics Dynamic Dynamics... so many ppl forget, ignore or is ignorant to this factor towards songs.